How Do We Set Our Used Car Prices?

By Luke Caesar - General Manager - July 24, 2017

How Do We Set Our Used Car Prices?

At Used Cars Adelaide, we can set our prices lower than an ordinary used car dealer here in SA. Most dealers are paying high rental fees for prime locations right on the main roads.

Strategic Warehouse Location

Our warehouse is located at the rear of a corporate building on South Road, so we keep our overheads low. This means we’re not passing on the cost of our shopfront rent to you in our car sticker prices.

Pricing a car fairly

When setting the sticker price, Luke makes an honest assessment of the car’s value, based on a full service history, the odometer reading, and a market appraisal using LiveMarket (a carsales Dealer tool) and Glass’s Auto Edge.

The litmus test for Luke is ‘would I let my family or mate buy this car at this price today?’. (blockquote)

And you can be 100% confident that every vehicle we sell has been serviced by our mechanic to a top notch standard.

Putting people first

Our GM always has our customer’s best interests at heart. This means you won’t find some popular car makes in our shop.

For example, the Holden Captiva is one of the cheapest 7-seater cars around. But we’ve chosen not to keep one in stock. While you may get the car cheaply, if anything goes wrong, the costs of getting repairs are really high. There’s also been quite a lot of factory recalls (at least 8) on this model between 2006 - 2016, and it hasn’t has great reviews.

If you’re looking for an SUV that can fit your family in, our General Manager will look out for the best interests of you and your family, by getting you into a car that’s reliable over the long term.

Do you negotiate on price?

No, the prices that are stated on our site aren’t negotiable. This is because we take ensuring our prices are fair seriously. All of the cars on our site are based on fair market valuations and are usually significantly lower than you’d pay at a traditional dealership.

Does paying cash for a car lower the price?

No, the prices stated on the website are fixed, as they are highly competitive. Whether you choose to finance your car or buy it outright, the price is the same - you decide which is the best way to buy the car for you.

What’s the best way to buy a used car for me?

Whether you choose to take out car finance or buy car outright will depend on your personal spending preferences and your personal finance situation.

If you're looking for a particular used car, have a chat to our friendly staff about getting a great price on the car you want.

You can also refer to our guides on buying different models. You might consider a hatchback.

If you're not totally sure what model is going to be best for you, have a chat to our friendly staff and they will use their extensive knowledge of the market to help you to find the most appropriate car for you right now.