Car Buying Service

By Luke Caesar - General Manager - August 02, 2017

Car Buying Service

Buying a car is rated at 20th on the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, so if you can get someone to take the hassle out of it for you, you’re making a really wise health decision too.

Using a car buying service means you don’t have to worry about all the little details, like who really owns the car, and that the car is 100% mechanically sound.

Details taken care of

If you haven’t got your heart absolutely set on a particular make and model of car, there might be a car you haven’t thought of that will perfectly fit your needs.

A good car buying experience starts with a comprehensive assessment of what you need your car to do.

Once your car broker understands this, they’ll be able to give you some options that fit within your budget, and might even be more suitable.

Once you’ve chosen a particular model and done a test drive, your car broker negotiates the lowest price on your behalf. They’ll also make sure the car is 100% yours on purchase.

Don't sweat the small stuff when you use a car buyer

When buying a used car it may have been under a car loan, and your broker will ensure that this is 100% paid out before you take the keys.

They’ll also ensure a full mechanical inspection and car service, so you pick up the car with no worries at all.

Free service

Using a car buying service should be free to you. A good car brokerage has arrangements set up with their network of dealerships, who pay the broker a fee for selling their vehicles. The advantage of this for you is that you’ll get a cheaper price than if you went straight to the dealership.

Using a car buying service you’ll walk away with a bargain that’s been professionally negotiated, that you’re comfortable with, knowing that you haven’t been lured into spending more than you intended for things you don’t really need.

Personally tailored to you

Whether you’re passionate about cars and can do most of your maintenance yourself, or you don’t really know what goes on under the bonnet, a truly personalised car buying service will be able to answer all of your questions.

Car broker negotiates the lowest purchase price

When you buy from a dealership, sometimes you can be pressured into buying a car based upon how much you can afford on a monthly payment.

This is important too, as if you take out a car loan, it’s really important that you can afford to make your repayments.

However, when you use a car buying service, the finance and the car purchase are kept 100% separate. This way you will know that you’re getting the best deal on the purchase price of the car, PLUS the best possible deal on your car loan terms.

Trading in your old car

If you have an old car you need to sell, you can trade it in as part of the purchase. While you’ll usually get a higher price if you sell your car privately, this can take time and can be a bit of a hassle.

A car buying service could sell your old car to one dealer, and buy your new car from another, getting you a better price than if you trade your car in at the dealership you buy from. Keeping the trade in seperate to the purchase of the new car means you’ll get more for your old car.

Enjoy the purchase process

Buying a car is often pretty stressful, as you’re not only making a huge decision about what car is going to make you happy and fit well into your life, you’re also negotiating a bunch of stuff you haven’t bargained for, like an extended warranty, extras and finance.

Using a car buying service you’ll be able to focus just on your new car and making sure you’re happy with it. Which is exactly how it should be.

How can a car buying service get you a better price?

Using a car buying service you’re getting access to not only a range of car dealerships, but also an advocate who’ll bid at auction to get you a great price. The dealerships will be more likely to work with a car buying service to negotiate a lower price because they know that the broker only tenders to genuine buyers.

While you have a job to do and many other commitments to juggle, your car broker’s only job is to search for and find the car that you need at the best possible price.

Simplify your car purchase process

You’ll only have to deal with one person, not a myriad of dealers and finance people, saving the effort of pitching dealerships against each other to whittle down to the lowest price.

Does this sound like a better way to purchase your next car? Ask about how we can do the legwork for you to buy your next car.