Using a Car Broker

By Luke Caesar - General Manager - July 31, 2017

Using a Car Broker

Making a major purchase like a car can take a lot of time and energy, draining the resources that you’d prefer to spend on other things, like quality time with your family on the weekend, or maybe playing sport, surfing or fishing.

A car broker can form the bridge between you and a new car that you’re happy with, without the sacrifices made in the purchase process. You’ve nothing to lose by using a car broker, whether you’re looking to buy a private car or business vehicle, except the hassles.

Get your weekends back

Delegating the car search process to a car broker hand the responsibility and the burden of hours of research over to someone who’s already up to date with the latest technology and changes in the car buying industry.

A car broker’s job is to use their industry expertise to match you with the right car

A good car broker will be able to advise you on most suitable car models for your needs, and ensure that you get your car for a great price, whether you choose to buy a new car or a used car.

Instead of spending hours researching online and trying to understand all the changes to cars since you last purchased one, a car broker will guide you and educate you on the things you need to know to make purchasing a car an experience with no regrets.

Choosing the right car broker

Is it worth using a car broker to buy your car? Yes, from the point of view of freeing up your time and passing the stress of buying a car onto someone who’s passionate about buying cars.

However, it is important that you choose the right car broker, someone whom you trust with advising you on car buying options, and who will negotiate the best deal for you when you’ve selected your car.

Here’s some things to look for when you’re selecting a car broker:

Choosing Your Car Loan Broker

There's a few things that make the difference between just any car loan broker and a great car loan broker:

1. A Dealer Licence

Look for a car broker with a dealership licence as well as a broker’s licence. This will give you better consumer rights coverage, as well as confidence that the car broker can arrange a trade in on your old car, and other services.

2. Good Customer Reviews

Check customer testimonials to find out what kind of experience others have had with the broker. Places to look are social media, Google, or review sites. Even better if you have a personal referral from someone who’s used the car broker you’re considering.

3. Market Knowledge

Your broker should have extensive and up to date knowledge of the market. They should be able to find the car you want, but also to guide you to other make and model options you might not be aware of that could be even more suitable for you.

4. Car Finance

If you need car finance, then a good broker will be able to arrange a selection of competitive options as part of their service.

5. Industry Connections

Your car broker should be well-connected in the industry, leveraging relationships with car dealers, auctions, insurers and financiers to bring you a seamless car buying experience.

6. Experienced negotiator

Look for a broker who has extensive experience in the car industry with reputable brands. Someone with 5 or more years experience, and up to date knowledge on the latest technology in cars will be positioned to make sure you get great value for money.

7. Transparent Process

Transparency about the car buying process is important! You should always know exactly which stage of the process you are at, and provide a deposit for a car only after it’s been sourced.

This shortlist should help you to narrow down your selection of a car broker.

Get your car bought by a passionate negotiator

Getting the right price on a car is just one part of the buying process. A car broker will put you and your family first, making sure that your car comes with the best safety features and technology to make your driving experience enjoyable.

As a passionate negotiator, a car broker will take pride in getting you the best features, as well as a reliable car that you’ll love, for a price that you can afford. There’s something to be said for having an advocate make the deal on your behalf.

Avoid buying fatigue

There’s nothing worse than spending all your time and energy hunting down exactly the car that you want, and then having the dealer try to press extra options on you, or claim you’ll need to take out finance to qualify for a discount on the car.

Making decisions about whether to purchase an extended warranty, locking you into having your car serviced only at the dealership, these are all things you can live without!

To avoid car buying stress syndrome, choose a broker who genuinely has your best interests in mind.

What if I want to buy a used car?

Most car brokers arrange the purchase of new cars, but there are more car brokers in Australia now who can help you to purchase a used car. Buying a used car is perhaps trickier than buying new.

Buying through a broker means you get the advantage of warranties, provided they are a licensed dealer. A broker who often deals in used cars will also be able to help you find appropriate finance and insurance at competitive rates.

Another advantage to using a car broker to buy used is that they’ll get a full mechanical check and repairs done so that your ‘new to you’ car arrives in top condition.

Pressure-free test drive

The car broker will be able to arrange a test drive for you. This means that you can focus on the car, making a complete assessment without the hassle of dealing with a sales pitch from the dealership at the same time.

You can concentrate on whether this is the car for you, which even more important if you’re buying a used car.

Don’t know what car you want?

They’ll make sure the car has had it’s background and roadworthy checks, as well as a thorough car service before handing it over to you. Car brokers are often people who’ve worked in the car industry for a while, so they know the dealer’s tricks to get you to spend more than you need to.

They’ve taken a stand to keep the dealers honest by putting themselves as a go-between so the dealer has no chance to take advantage of a customer.

For people who don’t like dealing with sales staff

Using a car broker takes the pressure off the purchaser to check every detail of the car, and removes the uncertainty over whether the end price is good value.

You can focus on making sure you buy the right car for you, and let the car broker negotiate the best price.

I hope this article gives you a better understanding of what a car broker does. The most important thing to take away is that when you choose a car broker, make sure it’s someone who has your best interests at heart, and keeps you well informed through the car buying process.